The beaches of Skiathos - swim in the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean

Few places can offer so many good beaches as Skiathos.  There are 70 beaches on the island, most of them with fine and soft sand.  Here you can swim and enjoy water sports in the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean.


Str1 -610

 Lovely beaches, green forests and crystal clear water - an unbeatable combination!


Sklithri Beach - 610

 Sklithri Beach, in walking distance from Villa Milenka and Villa Sisu


If you want to thoroughly explore Skiathos and surrounding islands, you can rent a sailing boat or a motor boat, with or without a captain.  Most beaches offer beach tavernas with tasty Greek food, perhaps with a cold beer or a glass of wine.


Str3a - 610

 The beach taverna on the beach below the ruin town of Kastro, built from driftwood


On the southern part of the island, on or close to the coast road, there are lots of fine beaches, Megali Amos, Achliades, Kanapitsa,Vromolimnos, Kolios, Paraskevi, Troulos and Marata to mention a few, and away from the town the famous Koukounaries together with Banana Beach.  All these beaches can easily be reached with the buses that run along the coast road.


Koukounaries Beach - 610

Koukounaries Beach, the longest beach on Skiathos


Str3 - 610

 Eleni Beach with tavernas and water sports


Megali Amos - 610

 Megali Amos, a beach close to Skiathos town


The northern part of the island is mostly covered by pine forests.  Since it is illegal to cut down pine trees, the northern Skiathos is mostly uninhabited.  There are many great beaches here - Eleni, Asselinos, Hidden Beach, Elias, Mandraki and Kechria - but you need a car or a motor cycle to reach most of these beaches since there is no public transport to the north.  You can of course also reach these beaches by boat.  To Lalaria Beach, a beach to a large extent consisting of white rounded stones, you can only go by boat.


Str3a - 610 2

Sometimes you can find your own private space on some beaches


Str4 - 610

Hidden Beach, a steep walk down from the road but really worth the trouble! 


All beaches in Greece are public, even though some land owners occasionally tell you otherwise.  On most of the beaches, you can rent a sun umbrella and two beach chairs for the day, usually at a cost of 8 euros.  But you can also bring your own umbrella and find your own place on the beach.


Str6 - 610

 The beach below the ruin town Kastro, high up on the rock


Arkos - 610

 The beach and the taverna on Arkos Island, 10 minutes boat ride from Skiathos


Some of the islands outside Skiathos also have very good beaches, for instance Tsougria where you can go by boat tours from the Old Harbour of Skiathos, or Arkos Island, where you must go with your own boat.


Str7 - 610

 Sunset at Eleni Beach


The lovely beaches and the clean water are probably the biggest attractions of Skiathos.  And so far, we have never met anyone who has been disappointed!


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