Road direction - how to find the villas

Location 610a

The distance from the airport/the harbour to our villas is five kilometers.  How to get there:

From the airport: Drive one kilometer to a T-junction, take a right turn.

From the harbour: Drive one kilometer out of the harbour to a T-junction, take a left turn.

From this T-junction, follow the ring road around Skiathos.  You will for instance pass Sklavenitis supermarket on the left sida, the private medical center on the right side.  After almost two kilometers, you will come to a 4-road crossing (the place is called Akropolis, the high point of Skiathos town), continue straight towards Koukounaries, follow the coast road.

You will pass on your left side Kassandra Hotel, Hotel Esperides and Riga supermarket.  After 3.3 kilometers from Akropolis, you will have on your left side Hotel Bontzoz.  Drive 100 meters more, then take the small road to the right just after Nina's House.

The road goes steeply up the hill. If you drive, go the first 50 meters up the hill on 1st gear.  If you have a 4-wheel drive, use it. After 100 meters, the road passes some houses and turns right. Continue 300 meters and take the first road to the left at the white house. Go down this road and you will reach Villa Milenka (the upper house) and Villa Sisu (the lower house).  Studio Sklithri is next to Villa Milenka.

This is the car road to the houses. If you want to walk down to the beach, take the short path down from the swimmingpool.


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