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The Airport is located 1 km from Skiathos town and the harbour, 5 km from Villa Milenka and Villa Sisu.  Inside the airport, there are several car rental companies, e.g. Hertz, and there is also a car rental company just outside the airport, Enterprise/Victoria Car Rental.

Inside the airport, as well as in many other places in Skiathos, there are ATM machines where you can withdraw money.  The rates in the ATM machines are often better than the ones in the bank.

Taxi: there is a taxi station in the New Harbour, close to where the ferries from the mainland arrive.  Often you see a long line of taxis waiting here.  Many taxis move out to the airport when planes arrive.  There are no regular buses from the airport.

Taxis do not use taxameters.  Instead, there are fixed prices between different areas of Skiathos.  Ask the taxi driver for the price before you ride.  The driver has a price list in the car.  Tipping above this price is not necessary.

If the taxi is not full when you are using it, the driver will often stop and pick up additional passengers going in the same direction.  Each group of passengers pays the fixed price.


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Taxis waiting for customers in the New Harbour


Buses: There is a regular bus line covering the coast road on the island, starting at one end in the New Harbor and going to Koukounaries Beach, a tour of roughly 20 km.   During rush hour, which often occurs when people return to town from the beaches late in the afternoon, the buses are often full.  In such a case, the bus will simply bypass the bus stops and you have to wait for another bus.

Supermarkets: there are two major supermarkets on the island, KLAR on the road from the airport into Skiathos town, and Sklavenitis on the ring road around the town.  KLAR is open seven days a week while Sklavenitis is closed on Sundays.  There are smaller supermarkets also open inside the town.

There are also smaller summer supermarkets open along the coast road and in tourist areas.  These supermarkets are only open during the tourist season.  Their product range is smaller and the prices are higher.

Healthcare: There is a small government clinic on the ring road opposite Sklavenitis supermarket..  If you bring your EU National Health Card here, your visits are free. 

Also, on the ring road next to the government clinic, there is also a private medical centre. Here you must pay for your visits.  Do not forget to keep your receipt for insurance claims later.

Pharmacies:  there are many pharmacies inside the town.  One pharmacy is always open, around the clock.  The closed pharmacies will carry a sign with information of the address of the open pharmacy.

Banks:  the biggest banks are located in or close to Papadiamantis Street, the pedestrian street of Skiathos that cuts right through Skiathos town.  AlphaBank is located at the bottom, just opposite the ferry arrivals, National Bank on the middle of Papadiamantis and Pireus Bank at the upper part.  Banks are open Monday to Friday.  You will find ATM machines outside the banks and at many other places on Skiathos.

The only Post Office is located in the upper part of Papadiamantis.  It is open Monday to Friday.

The electric system is the same as the one in central/north Europe.  The voltage is 220V but the system of electric plugs differs from the system in the UK.

Garbage:  outside Skiathos town, garbage is collected in bins along the main roads.  This is the only garbage collection and garbage is to be put in these bins.  There is recycling of glass, metal, plastic and paper and bins for these are found along the main roads of Skiathos.


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