House manual

Check-in time:  15.00 or later

Check-out time: 10.00 or earlier

Parking is available in connection to the villas.

Villa Milenka has got assigned parking outside the entrance to the villa.

Villa Sisu has got parking outside the entrance to the villa, in front of the garage door.  Please park 1.5 meters away from the door so that it can be opened.

Studio Sklithri has got its parking below the entrance to Villa Sisu.

Bed sheets and towels are provided (not beach towels, bring your own).  The towels provided are for use in the bath rooms or at the swimming pool.  Every seventh day, new bed sheets and towels are provided.

Smoking is not allowed inside the house.

Pets are not allowed inside the house.

Hot water: the switch is located on the electric board next to the bathroom on the lower floor.  Turn the switch on an hour or so before use, then switch it off. For normal usage, the water will remain hot for most of the day.

Air conditioning is located in the master bedroom.  Switch the air con on an hour before going to bed.  The whole lower floor will then be cooled down. There are also fans in the bedrooms.

Washing machines are located in the bathrooms of Villa Milenka and Villa Sisu (not in Studio Sklithri).  Use normal machine wash detergent.  Do not use hand wash detergents since these will damage the machine.

Dish washers are located in the kitchens of Villa Milenka and Villa Sisu (not in Studio Sklithri).  Use Calgonite 4+1 or 3+1 dishwashing tablets.  Do not put in items into the dishwasher that cannot take high temperatures.

Toilets:  only use toilet paper in the toilets.  Ladies' sanitary packs, baby pampers and other foreign items will cause blockage of the pipes.

Candles, fire, BBQ and cigarettes: the nature in Skiathos is very dry in the summer and carelessness has  a few times over the years caused severe fires on the island.  Candles and fires may not be lit outside.  Do not use the BBQ at the swimmingpool if the winds are strong. After your BBQ, make sure that the hot coal is completely dead.  Do not throw cigarettes into nature.

There is a fire extinguisher on the upper floors of Villa Milenka and Villa Sisu (next to the toilet) and inside the entrance door of Studio Sklithri.  A smoke detector is located outside the bedrooms on the lower floor.

Garbage: outside Skiathos town, garbage is to be thrown only in bins provided along the main roads.  There is no other garbage collection on Skiathos.  Along the roads, there are also recycling bins for glass, plastic, cans and paper.  Use these!


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