What to do and what to see on Skiathos

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The biggest attraction of Skiathos is the sea and the beaches.  If you want to go to a new beach every day, you need more than two months to see all the beaches!

But there is a lot to do and see on the island.  A day in Skiathos town can offer interesting shopping, good food and things to see.  Read a separate session about this.


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On the road to the top of the island - a view of Skiathos town 


Skiathos is an island with small mountains covered by pine forests and olive groves.  There are lots of small roads on the hills, mostly dirt roads but there is a paved road crossing the island on the hills.  Depart from the ring road around Skiathos town (opposite Ariston Bakery) and follow this road, pass the byroads to Evangelistria and Kastro.  Continue over the mountainsThe view over Skiathos town, the sea and the surrounding islands is really beautiful, at times stunning.  Stop at Platanos Taverna for a coffee or a lunch; this is a taverna with a great view of Skiathos.  Then continue on this road, going down, and eventually you will reach the coast road again.

If you want to exercise, there are a number of walking paths across the island through beautiful nature, sometimes with panoramic views.  If you want to start your walk or jogging tour at Villa Milenka/Villa Sisu, walk down past the swimmingpool, go right on the coast road until you reach the first bus stop.  Turn left here and follow the road around the Kalamaki peninsula.  This walk, with stunning views, will eventually come back to the coast road.  Then just walk back to the houses again.  Your exercise jog has been 6 kilometers!


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 The historical museum of Evangelistria - where the first modern Greek flag was raised in 1807


Up in the mountains, you will find the Evangelistria Monestary, a historical and very beautiful Greek-Orthodox monestary.  This is where the revolution against the Turks started in the early 1800's and this is where the first modern Greek flag was raised.  This place is a must when it comes to places to visit on the island.


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 The ruin town of Kastro is located on this high and inaccessible rock on the northern part of the island


High up on an inaccessible and impressive rock, you will find the ruin town of Kastro.  This is were the people on the island moved the capital when attacks from pirates and foreign fleets became unbearable.  This is not a place for you if you have a fear of heights.  If you visit Kastro, make sure that you have very comfortable walking shoes.  The view from the top of Kastro can only be  described as fantastic!


Attgora4 - 610

 Ruins at Kastro - with the blue sea in the background


In both the New and the Old Harbours, there are lots of boats that can take you on different kinds of tours and excursions around Skiathos and to the islands of Skopelos and Alonisos.  You can also make special Mamma Mia boat tours which will take you to the places where the movie Mamma Mia was filmed.  From the Old Harbour, you take take the boat to the nearby island of Tsougria with its great beach and well tasting taverna.  The boat will take you back to Skiathos in the late afternoon.  You can also rent a sailing boat, with or without a captain.  Down in the bay below the houses, on Tzaneria Beach, you can rent small motorboats for your own day at sea.


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 A day on a sailing boat is not wrong, is it?


Do you like cooking?  Perhaps you would like to attend a cooking class in Skiathos and learn how to cook Greek food?  There are several places where you can find such classes.  One of the restaurants where the chef teaches Greek cooking is Ergon Restaurant  in the middle of Papadiamantis Street.  Here you will cook your own Greek meal under the supervision of the chef of Ergon.  When the cooking is done, you sit down and enjoy your creations, perhaps with a glass of wine or beer!


Ergon 610

At Ergon Restaurant at Papadiamantis you join the chef and cook your own meal!


If you like dogs, you should visit Skiathos Dog Shelter where homeless dogs are cared for until they receive a new home, often in England or Denmark.  The dog shelter is run with the help of donations and volonteers.  And you can contribute in kind:  every day between 10 am and 2 pm, you can go dog walking with a dog of your choice.  You get a good walk together with a lovely dog in a very scenic area!  The dog will love you! How do you find the place?  Take the coast road towards Koukounaries, but turn off to the right at the T-junction where the road leads to Asselinos Beach.  Continue this road for some kilometers, past the road to Asselinos, and you will see the dog shelter on your right side.


Skiathos Dog Shelter 610

Skiathos Dog Shelter, home for lovely homeless dogs


If you like diving, you can go on diving tours with diving boats both from the New Harbour and from Tzaneria Beach below the villas.

Are you interested in an experience that will make your heart go faster?  Then join all the plane spotters who come from all over the world to witness airplanes land at Skiathos airport.  There are only two airports in the world where you will get within 20 meters from a flying airplane when it lands (unless you sit inside the plane, of course) and this is Skiathos and St Marten in the Caribbean.  This is an experience not to be missed!


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 You feel like ducking when the plane approaches and goes over your head!

Skiathos landing 610


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